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Background The LDN Group is a London based provider of apprenticeships to a range of both SME and Corporate clients looking for apprentices in various roles, such as IT, Technical, Digital Marketing. As a relatively young business themselves, they reached a vital stage of their growth when they needed to hire a Head of Business Development, to help drive the business on to its next level. What had they tried? They had previously tried a couple of other routes but were ultimately unsuccessful with final hires, and were keen to avoid the high costs associated with recruitment agencies, particularly for such a senior role. What We Provided The Head of Business Development role was a very important role, and a senior one within the company. Sitting in a very specific market also meant that LDN Group were looking for someone with a very specific background. They opted for our Silver Option, which included the use of our Sourcing Platform to help them quickly find relevant, passive talent within the Apprenticeship space, in London. We set up their Advert which generated a good level of response, and within 24 hours, our platform returned a selection of relevant Sales Leaders and Heads of Business Development within the Apprenticeship space in London for them to start approaching and connecting with directly. The Result Of the people they approached directly from our sourcing platform, they quickly arranged meetings with a few, and ultimately hired successfully from the interviews that followed. What they had to say “We recently used The Sales Floor to source and recruit for our Head of Business Development. Adam and his team were extremely helpful and responsive throughout the process and the listings of LinkedIn candidates we received for the position were great. They gave us a selection of candidates who met our criteria who we were able to quickly and directly approach. We met with three candidates, and in the end found someone who was able to start immediately. This was a really important role for us to fill and we couldn’t have done it without the help of the team at The Sales Floor.” Simon Bozzoli, CEO
Background Intertek Group is a multinational inspection, product testing and certification company headquartered in London. They have around 28,000 employees worldwide, and hence have a fairly high level of recruitment in the UK every year. They decided to use The Sales Floor for a sales role which had been proving tricky to fill via their usual channels. What had they tried? Traditionally Intertek have a need to rely quite heavily on their own site and one or two other channels, but in this instance, none had proven effective for this particular role, so they needed to find another channel they could advertise on to cast their net wider. What We Provided Due to the nature of the role, The Sales Floor set up Intertek under a Bronze Package, as it was a relatively junior position. Emphasis was on providing a good volume of candidates, preferably those who had some previous telephone sales experience. We set up targeted adverts across social media, to ensure all relevant candidates who weren’t searching on job boards would also see their job advert, but also provided a good volume of applications through both our own job board, and partner job boards. The Result Intertek received a good volume of applications, and set up interviews a couple of weeks after their advert went live, deciding to offer a successful candidate after that. What they had to say “I decided to use The Sales Floor having exhausted our usual free methods. In general we struggle to find quality sales people and, as The Sales Floor specialises in sales people I thought it worth a try. We have successfully filled the role via The Sales Floor and will use their service again, highly recommended!”
Cara Rees, HR Executive
Background IN’n’OUT Centres is a growing business in the UK offering a variety of services to UK customers, including commercial fleet servicing, MOT’s and other related services, to help UK businesses with automotive needs across the country. AS a growing business, IN’n’OUT have a growing need for sales people within their business What had they tried? IN’n’OUT have previously used recruitment agencies to hire, but try to avoid it when possible. Some job boards don’t provide the right quality of sales candidates on a regular basis for IN’n’OUT so it was important for them to find a channel that was effective at attracting strong sales people to the business. What We Provided The Sales Floor first started working with IN’n’OUT in 2014, advertising field sales positions for them across the UK. We focussed on targeted advertising within specific regions, providing a branded advert on our site, but also utilising other job boards within our partner network. We also ran our Proactive Sourcing service, finding relevant, passive talent for IN’n’OUT within the automotive sales space, for them to engage with and reach out to directly. The Result IN’n’OUT have filled 2 out of 3 roles with The Sales Floor already, saving them a huge amount of money versus having to turn to recruitment agencies. What they had to say “IN’n’OUT Centres Ltd have experienced a great success with two recruits to date and merely for the cost of £999 in total. A fabulous service has been provided and a sincere approach to caring for the achievement and progression of all adverts placed. Not only is this considerably cheaper than an agency, but possibly a better service than some providers experienced throughout my 10 years of HRM”
Laura Ott – HR Manager
Background Pleasecycle is a small, growing tech start-up business, providing tools to organisations to help their staff start cycling more, thereby reducing carbon and also cutting down sick-days through employee engagement. Due to their size and growth curve Pleasecycle were looking for an Account Manager to join their team in London.
What had they tried? Pleasecycle had already tried advertising on LinkedIn, but had found no success through that means, and were keen to look at a more proactive and niche approach, which they felt The Sales Floor could offer.
What We Provided The Sales Floor set up Pleasecycle with Logins within 10 minutes of the initial phone call. Due to their small size Pleasecycle also asked whether The Sales Floor could manage the entire process; uploading the vacancy to the site, filtering applications etc., and we duly obliged. Once the vacancy was uploaded, Pleasecycle’s vacancy was posted across LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, our own groups, and Twitter 5-10 times a day. We also provided them a shortlist of individuals from our network to contact should they see fit.
The Result Within a week the soon-to-be successful candidate applied to the role, found through our social media campaign. Pleasecycle have since taken him on board.
What they had to say “We started working with The Sales Floor team not long after their launch, and found them personal, professional and very different to other job board offerings out there.
For a start they actually are a Sales Specialist board- helping us focus on some of the key criteria we looked for in a sales person.
Despite their size and early days, we found a relevant application within 5 days with 1 in 3 applications being relevant to our role.
One of the relevant applications turned into a success for us, which we were incredibly pleased with given The Sales Floor’s early days as a job board.
However we found them easy to use, always there when we needed them, and we wouldn’t hesitate to call upon them for our next sales requirement.”
Ronan Carter, Director
Background FOUR magazine is part of a growing publishing house in London. They are a food magazine, with high standards, and they also sell advertising space to high-end luxury brands. They had a growing requirement for high volumes of sales executives in their London office.
What had they tried? FOUR had previously tried using recruitment agencies, but had found them poor at delivering the right calibre of candidate, and too expensive given they were dealing with junior hires. They wanted an option that would be more cost effective.
What We Provided Within an hour of our initial discussion we had FOUR set up on the site, and their vacancy posted across our social media platforms; LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, our own groups, and Twitter. We provided a shortlist of hand-picked profiles from people in our LinkedIn network for them to contact, which they duly did.
The Result Within a few days 4-5 suitable candidates had applied, and were invited to interview. One was hired after their first interview, with a further 3 kept in the process for additional headcount they had, meaning a possibility of 4 hires from just one advert.
What they had to say “I initially contacted The Sales Floor to help us with an urgent need for a quick hire, I was very impressed with the results Within hours I had been provided with a substantial list of potential target candidates. On top of that the responses from our placed advertisement were almost all suitable for the role, with all but one being called for interview. All of the candidates were of high calibre and we ended up hiring one on the spot. We managed to fill our role within two weeks from introduction to The Sales Floor to the applicant accepting the position.
Professional, reliable and very affordable”
James Harpum, Financial Controller
Background ESI International, part of the Informa Group, is a world renowned provider of Training solutions in the corporate world. Their Project Management courses are used by over 35% of the world’s largest companies, in over 100 countries. ESI had a requirement in the UK for a Business Development Manager to win new business in that region.
What had they tried? ESI tried a number of traditional methods, as well as solutions such as LinkedIn posts, and adverts, along with their recruiter license. However they found they were not receiving the right applications, and needed a solution that was going to give wider reach, and cover all avenues.
What We Provided The Sales Floor had ESI International up and running within hours, ensuring their role went live immediately, and then set about setting up traditional campaigns, but also social media campaigns for their vacancy. Crucially, within 24 hours The Sales Floor returned a list of potential ‘passive’ candidates to ESI, for them to reach out to directly.
The Result The Sales Floor provided a steady stream of active candidates through the application process, and from the various campaigns set up on the likes of Indeed.com, and Adzuna.co.uk, as well as their Partner network of over 100 other job boards, however ESI eventually hired someone from the list of ‘passive’ candidates sent by The Sales Floor, saving them costly agency fee’s, and ensuring they were able to reach out to the strongest, most desirable candidates on the market.
What they had to say “We decided to partner with The Sales Floor for a UK Sales requirement we had early in 2014. We found them straightforward, incredibly helpful, and quick to respond when we needed them. They combine traditional job board methods with some great unique services, and it was from these additional services that we actually ended up hiring someone. We’d recommend them to anyone else looking for a new approach to finding sales people, and look forward to working with them in the future. “
Mary Johnson, Talent Acquisition Manager (ESI International, part of Informa Group)
Background British Gas have a cyclical pattern of high levels of recruitment throughout the year, which see them needing to run high volume campaigns across the country on a regular basis. Using recruitment agencies would ultimately prove too costly for the volumes they have to deal with, and therefore direct advertising is usually their preferred option.
What had they tried? British Gas have used many forms of advertising in the past; LinkedIn, as well as most job boards in the generalist and specialist space, however they have never found much success with other niche sales boards, and the generalist boards were not performing for their sales requirements, and hence they needed to try something new.
What We Provided The Sales Floor provided British Gas with a branded campaign, including multiple roles advertised across the country, ranging from low-level, high volume hires to more senior professional hires. British Gas were set up with tailored, targeted campaigns across Google, Indeed.com and Adzuna, ensuring a high level of traffic to the volume roles they needed to fill. For the professional hires, The Sales Floor set up social media campaigns, run across LinkedIn and Twitter, targeting a more senior, passive audience, as well as providing shortlists of passive candidates from our own networks for British Gas to reach out to.
The Result Within 3 weeks of running the campaign over the Christmas period, British Gas had received on average 200 applications per week to their jobs. They set up numerous interviews across all their roles, and have so far hired 3 candidates, with more in the interview process still being considered too.
What they had to say “Our relationship with The Sales Floor has so far resulted in us hiring three candidates into call centre and field sales roles. We are also still considering candidates for a couple of senior sales roles, so there may be more success to follow!
The team were extremely helpful from day one, and have worked hard behind the scenes to generate interest in our roles from a relevant candidate audience. If you are looking for a new sales specific job board, then The Sales Floor is a great new addition to the marketplace.”
Helen Butterworth, Group Attraction and Diversity.
Background Paymentsense is a leader in the Financial Services and Merchant Provider space. They have clients all over the UK both big and small, and their sales team is heavily field based. They traditionally used to use recruitment agencies, but the volume of recruitment they have gone through in the past year has meant they needed to focus on reducing their cost-per-hire.
What had they tried? Paymentsense already used a number of other job boards to start fulfilling their requirements, which was working well enough for them, but they were still looking to increase their volume of hires on a monthly basis, and also wanted to improve their brand awareness across social media.
What we provided
The Sales Floor provides regular monthly campaigns across the likes of Indeed.com, Facebook and our partner network of job boards to ensure a strong volume of applications to their field sales positions. We set up targeted, branded adverts across specific locations on the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn, which attracts a different calibre of candidate to the more traditional job board, and helps Paymentsense increase their brand awareness at the same time.
The Result Since 2014 Paymentsense have hired multiple Field Sales Executives every single month off The Sales Floor. They have steadily increased their volume of posts each month since first being introduced and are now working with us to further increase their volume of hires into 2015.
What they had to say “We’ve been using The Sales Floor since 2014 and their job adverts consistently turn in to hires for us. They’ve helped us reduce our cost-per-hire and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to advertise for sales people” Richard Helman, Recruitment Manager
Background EMIS Group is the UK leader in connected healthcare software and services. Its solutions are widely used across every major UK healthcare setting from primary and community care, to high street pharmacies, secondary care and specialist services. Because of their specialist nature within the healthcare industry, when they recruit, they need sales people with specific experience selling into the healthcare industry. What had they tried? EMIS use a number of different channels depending on the role’s they are looking to fill, but finding specialist sales people, without having to pay agency fee’s proves tricky for most businesses, and the HR team simply don’t have the time to resource on all their roles directly. What we provided The Sales Floor works regularly with EMIS running branded adverts on our own site, and partner sites, as well as providing proactive sourcing on every vacancy, taking the burden off the HR team when it comes to resourcing, and providing an alternative solution to using a recruitment agency. Through the time saved, they are able to easily engage and connect with the passive talent we source. The Result EMIS now works with The Sales Floor on a very regular basis, posting roles most months and they’ve started to see results in the form of hires through the site. What they had to say "We started working with The Sales Floor in 2014 and have been very pleased with both the results and the services they offer. Given the specific nature of our roles, their proactive sourcing has also proven to be a useful additional service over and above traditional methods"
Sue Mosley, Group Resourcing Manager
Background SortRefer is a Derby-based company that works with financial advisers and mortgage brokers throughout the UK, helping them meet the evolving needs of a diverse range of clients. Because of the markets they operate in, when they recruit, they require sales people with very specific experience selling into specific markets.
What had they tried? SortRefer were already using a number of other channels to advertise their role, including industry magazines, but needed to improve the volume of quality applications they were receiving, given they were recruiting for a few positions.
What we provided The Sales Floor set up branded campaigns across multiple job boards, aside from our own, and due to the specific nature of the search parameters on our site, were able to set up the role to ensure it was searchable based on the industries that applicants had been selling into- Mortgage Brokers, IFAs and Estate Agents. The Result SortRefer whittled applications from The Sales Floor down to 3 interviews, 1 of which resulted in a successful hire for them at the start of 2015.
What they had to say “I was sceptical of spending the money on The Sales Floor initially but I am glad that I took the chance as we have made an excellent appointment thanks to their services. Next time we are recruiting we will be using them again – very good value.”
James Boyles, Director
Background Channel Assist is a sales and marketing agency with a proven track record of maximising product sales, both in-store and online, for some of the leading technology and consumer electronics brands in the UK. When they recruit they either have to run very high volume campaigns or very specific campaigns around more senior hires.
What had they tried? Due to their high volumes of recruitment throughout the year, Channel Assist do need to utilise a number of different avenues, but given the specific nature of the roles they were trying to fill when we first spoke, their usual channels weren’t proving enough.
What we provided The Sales Floor set up a branded campaign, run across our own site, partner sites, including LinkedIn, as well as targeted Social Media advertising to sales people within the Field Marketing industry. We ran proactive sourcing for them on all their vacancies, meaning within 24 hours, they had a large number of passive candidates to connect and engage with.
The Result Applications were whittled down to 4 interviews, 1 of which turned into a successful hire for Channel Assist. As an added bonus, through the proactive sourcing work we provided, the Recruitment Manager was left with some very strong candidates he was able to talent pool for future roles.
What they had to say “The Sales Floor supported us in a recent recruitment campaign. Their approach to advertising was tailored to our requirements (a refreshing approach!) and their additional ‘behind the scenes’ work has meant we can talent-pool individuals for the future. We have already made a hire as a direct result and will certainly use them again!”
Rob Lipscombe, Recruitment Manager
Background Journeycall, part of the ESP Group is a contact centre expert in the travel and smartcard industries. Given their expertise within this space, when they do hire, they look for very specific skills and experience with regards to which markets candidates have sold into; namely transportation and rail. They enlisted the help of The Sales Floor in 2014 looking to hire a Business Development Manager.
What had they tried? Journeycall had tried posting an advert on LinkedIn, with very little success, as well as trying to fill their role via usual methods, however they found that there weren’t receiving the right quality of candidates for the role in question. They needed a more proactive, targeted approach to finding applicants.
What we provided Under our Gold Package, Journeycall received a branded advert on The Sales Floor’s own platform, as well as distribution of their job to other key job boards and aggregators in the UK. Within 24 hours, The Sales Floor carried out their proactive sourcing service for Journeycall, returning between 25-30 candidates from social media, hand-picked by our team, for Journeycall to reach out to and engage with directly. We also provided targeted advertising across LinkedIn- Setting up a branded advert only to be shown to Sales people, within London, who had sold into transportation and rail.
The Result Within a few weeks, Journeycall had contact all the candidates provided via the proactive sourcing service, and off the back of that, had set up a number of interviews. One candidate was successful in being offered the role, and started soon afterwards, saving Journeycall thousands of pounds in recruitment fees.
What they had to say “We used The Sales Floor for the first time after struggling to find someone through our usual channels, and it proved immensely effective. Their targeted focus on Social Media provided us with a selection of high calibre candidates and more importantly, their proactive sourcing service proved the ultimate difference, with us hiring one of the people they found for us, soon after our campaign went live. A highly proactive, and cost effective alternative to traditional agencies and job boards! I would definitely use The Sales Floor again in the future.”
Lesley Stewart- Business Development Director
Background Ringtons is a 107 year old British Tea manufacturer based in Newcastle. They provide and sell tea directly to consumers across the UK, and because of that, they naturally have a large sales force of field sales staff across the UK to fulfil those needs. Ringtons approached The Sales Floor to help them with a particularly tricky field sales position In a tricky territory.
What had they tried? Ringtons had a deal in place with another job board and have always gone down a similar route but with mixed results. They weren't getting the results needed at the time so The Sales Floor set up a campaign on our site to introduce our services.
What we provided Due to the high volume nature of their requirements, we set up a branded advert on The Sales floor as well as publishing the role on other job boards within our partner network, to ensure a wider coverage and higher level of applications.
The Result The initial campaign was a success for Ringtons, leading to a hire, which led to an increase of campaigns across a variety of locations on The Sales floor consistently for about 6 months, until Ringtons decided to use The Sales floor as their sole provider of advertising in 2015.
What they had to say "Over the past year The Sales Floor has had a huge impact on our sales hires across the whole business. We now use them for all our sales requirements and they successfully deliver month in month out"
- Simon Musgrave, National Sales Manager

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